In the year 2015, came a sustainable fashion idea that gave safe space to the trends and fashion that went off-season. A statement that saved the tossed non-trendy stuff from sulking at the corners. Yes, It’s Otrium. A blessed idea of providing homes to the discarded fashion articles, that lost dignity by just being off-season. 

Otrium made its headstrong presence in the fashion world due to the conscious efforts and ideas of Max Klinjstra & Milan Daniels. After amsterdambased otrium 120m series launching, it has marked a lasting effect in the fashion world. 

Let’s dig in more to know what illuminates Otrium and what fashion service it is currently bestowing to the trendy world outside.

What Brought Amsterdam-based Otrium to lives

Co-founders of Otrium

What makes Otrium the one? Is it the headstrong ideas that keep Amsterdam-based Otrium’s stature right or its the services that are performing? Well, let me tell you, it’s both the ideas and services that are echoing in every corner of the headlines and magazines.

Have you ever thought “what happens to the numerous clothes that are unable to enter the trend race and are left stranded on the same shelves for months?” If not, then the co-founders of Otrium gave it a thought and came up with a vision of saving all the non-trendy stuff that still has astounding quality but is losing trendy customers.

Max and Milan, the founder of Amsterdam’s based Otrium met with times when their inventories were losing their customers and dignity simultaneously. They considered it a big loss for the environment, employees, time, and passion with patience.

Otrium came as a home to all those fashion articles that were sobbing for making their presence in the fashion world. The so-called redundant articles wanted a chance and Otrium was ready to provide through its AI-based platform for representing them.

Otrium provided shelter to the brand’s off-season fashion articles and provided them with the right owner. It rehabilitated the off-trendy articles, advertised, and provided tags and hence solved the issue of ignored off-season clothes.

Challenges in Front of Otrium

Otrium founder's

Unique ideas do face criticism and Otrium is an AI-based fashion service that must have faced some deterrence in its excellence. Let’s meet some of the challenges that Otrium might have faced in the trendy world.

  • To give the right advertisement for selling the brand’s off-season fashion inventories.
  • Personalisation through the right strategy to avoid wastage in the fashion world.
  • Providing the right owner to every off-trendy fashion stuff.
  • Advertising the right way through headstrong ideas to let the fashion article be sold.
  • Encouraging brands to change their fashion article selling strategies when needed.
  • Love for trendy and seasonable clothes is known to all. One of their mightiest challenges is to advertise perfectly for gaining the audience’s trust and then provide creditable service.

Excelling Mantras of Otrium

Employees' goals

Right strategy and mantras make an idea into a whole brand and that’s what has happened in the case of Otrium. Are you excited to meet Otrium’s shining thoughts and illuminating ideas?

  • Trend is Not Always Your Fashion Friend

We sometimes consider the latest trends as the epitome of fashion, but old seasonable fashion attire and stuff also hold the same threshold. Once the trend enters the social media wave, a plethora of items and fashion articles are produced with a conjectured amount. Otrium holds this thought that sometimes it’s not the trend that represents you but the suitability of an article to comfort you.

Trendy stuff updates every season and with its upcoming, the previous gets unfriended by the customers. By rejuvenating the off-season clothes, Otrium presents the untrendy stuff as a considerable candidate for the users. 

  • Saving Environment Is A Must

People choosing environment-friendly fashion

The environment suffers in the whole process of abandoning the bunch of trendy clothes that are recognized as untrendy one. Otrium found this as an alarming situation for the environment and thought to house this off-season and untrendy fashion stuff. Otrium also dignified these articles with the right strategy of advertisement, sale strategy, and AI-based personalization.

Hours are slogged when a piece of cloth is brought into existence. With the proper roadmap, from designers to machines, a considerable amount of Earth’s resources is used. Otrium considers it an alarming situation and fixes it through its AI-based personalised fashion services.

  • Blackout of Brands & Off-Season 

Otrium doesn’t need a eulogy to portray itself in the world. The core idea of speaking through action and bequeathing convenience, security, and care to the planet itself is commendable. The vision towards saving tons of well-deserving fashion attire and rescues brands that feel left out with non-trendy inventory

  • Rebirth of Lost Fashion Trends

People making the right choices together

As earlier said “Trend is not always fashion” Otrium believes in supporting fashion articles when they lose their presence in the trending market. Otrium doesn’t force a brand to sell its fashion article & stuff through its own strategy until required.

  • Wear Without Any Fear

While addressing their thoughts and ideas on their endeavours and future thoughts on Otrium, Kiara: head of consumer products shares her wisdom thoughts “People need to express themselves not only through trendy and season clothes but also the left out.” Fashion articles should provide you with a safe vibe and comfort you every second regardless of their status.”

The goal of Otrium is the right advertisement strategy, personalization through AI, and providing the right owner to every deserving article.

Why Choose Otrium?

Choosing Otrium should not be a choice though, rather it should be a conservative step toward the planet Earth. Rarely businesses and people’s thoughts are heading towards sustainable fashion in this teeming world.

  • Otrium should be encouraged widely for its bright thoughts that are allowing the off-trendy clothes to shine again.
  • Why not choose the environment first when its resources are providing us shelter without asking for any returns? 
  • Otrium is a confidence booster for all those stoic brands who lose the strength in selling their off-trendy inventories.
  • Personalisation in its work chain is the main tactic through which it saves stranded redundant fashion articles.
  • Otrium provides dignity to the clothes that wither with no tag identity and sulk in the godowns for years.
  • Otrium is a home that shelters losing spirits and encourages the inventories that need hope through a little furnishing.

Otrium Application 

popular Otrium application

You must be surprised to know this news, “Otrium is available on app stores”. With more than 100k downloads and splendid user ratings, Otrium has 400+ brand options with the best price and personal experience.

It showcases archive fashion and makes a promise to the untrendy fashion stuff to provide them with the right owner. Fresh deals, fashion drops, and numerous vogue fashion await its users in the Otrium application itself so scroll and flow in their sustainable fashion world.

Otrium Android application Address: Otrium

Otrium in Apple store address: Otrium: your fashion outlet.

Striving Growth of Otrium

Otrium has excelled in its fashion field, saving every article from being disregarded. Let’s know what this Amsterdam-based fashion service has achieved till now since 2015.

  • Through C-funding, Otrium has launched the 120M series and is currently shining in the newsletters and magazines.
  • Otrium currently has 3.7M clients and 400+ brands in its marketing chain.
  • The founders of Otrium have been represented in the Forbes-30 list for their efforts towards environment-friendly fashion.
  • The British fashion council declared Otrium as a patron sponsor for its blooming thoughts in connecting AI and fashion.
  • After its launch, Otrium has received multiple investments in its sustainable fashion projects starting with 200,000 Euros.

Otrium’s Competitors & Partnerships

Otrium and its competitors

Otrium has grown in the fashion market through its indefatigable spirits and efforts. Meanwhile, it also would have made challenges and appreciation. Let’s get to know Otrium more closely through its competitors and partners. It is vital for a company to have competitors same as partnerships because it helps in its growth. 

Primarily let’s get to know about Otrium’s competitors.

  • The Editor’s Market
  • The Black Tux
  • Junique
  • Grailed

These were some of the renowned brands which are known for their competition race with Otrium and its services. Let’s move towards knowing the partnership and the brands it shelters. 

Otrium provides its AI-based personalised fashion service to more than 3M clients and houses more than 400+ brands and their off-season, non-trendy fashion inventories and stuff.

  • Theory
  • Alex Chung
  • Alchemist 
  • Closed
  • Adidas
  • All Saints
  • Karl Lagerfield

Closing Note

Amsterdam-based otrium 120m needs a standing ovation for its excellence in the respective fashion, AI, and environment-friendly fields that it has chosen. Much applauding is its thought of providing a safe home and the right owner to a well-deserving fashion article. Let’s wait to watch more of their steps and excellence ahead in the fashion market.