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Gaurav Kumar, Author at Web is No More Hard ! Find Whatever You Want Here

Software, Peripherals & Tech Expert


Graduated from Delhi University


  • Software
  • Technology
  • Social Media Trends & Tutorials
  • Peripherals
  • Internet
  • Gaming
  • Customer Support
  • Apps & Services
  • Technical Reviews
  • Computer/Laptop


  • Working as a content writer at Battersea Web Experts.
  • Worked with multiple clients and wrote web content as a freelancer
  • Content writer and Digital marketer at SEOWebSpy
  • Content writing intern at We Are The Writers


  • Reading
  • Manga
  • Gaming
  • Writing


As a writer, I have either written stories for myself or for the people whom I can help with my expertise.

Culminating an experience of over two years I have written guides and tutorials on multiple topics on the Internet. Giving tips to new content writers while learning to be a content writer has given me a unique set of skills that allows me to conquer every challenge.

Apart from being a writer, I’ve also gained experience as an email marketer and have knowledge of Digital marketing along with SEO.

Currently, I'm utilizing my knowledge of Technology, Peripherals, Software, Internet, and Social Media to create content that will be helpful for readers.

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