When you watch a video, what do you look for in the first few seconds to see if it’s something you’d be interested in seeing? Sure, some people simply click the next link in their Facebook feed, but if you’re willing to spend 9 seconds watching a video, we’re hoping it’s because it has some cool factor that piques your interest.

Consider this for a moment. What was it about the video that piqued your interest? Was it what was said in the video’s first few seconds? Or was it the way or location of the person who posted it, or something they were wearing?

Nobody knows exactly what they’re looking for; all they know is when they see it and when they don’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a few tried-and-true tricks to elevate your videos and help them stand out from the crowd on social media. Continue reading to learn how to increase viewership by making your videos more engaging!

Making Content Marketing Easier with Video Maker

By quickly trimming, dividing, and duplicating segments of films that have already been cut and require additional separation, you can improve your brand with videos. Depending on the type of video being generated, a variety of filters are also available. Transition effects may be applied to the combined pieces to better demonstrate any changeover. You can use a good video maker tool this professional tool comes with step-by-step instructions to make it easy for anyone to use.

Create a Template First

Video content marketing requires planning, and there are numerous methods for doing so. The videos you create will have a consistent feel, which not only gives your company a professional appearance but also makes it easier to appear consistent across all platforms when delivering messaging or creating an explainer video. You can save time and energy by starting with a template and editing it as needed!

You can Add Motion to Your Videos

Because brands and users compete for attention, today’s social media marketing landscape can be difficult to navigate. With users having complete control over what they want to watch these days, the faster you can capture their attention, the better. Otherwise, if they are not quick enough, viewers will simply scroll through until they find something else that piques their interest. 

 That means you’ll have to work hard to keep their attention, which is why it’s critical to get to the point quickly and share something interesting with them. The facts are that if your viewers aren’t immediately and completely captivated by your content after clicking on it, they’ll scroll right past you and onto the next video that catches their attention. To avoid this, incorporate motion into your videos (remember how our eyes are drawn to moving objects?).

Adjust the Video’s Length

Marketers are constantly reminded of the importance of keeping video length under a certain number of minutes. Of course, a short video can catch the viewer’s attention and keep them listening, but depending on your company’s audience and the platform you’re using to distribute your video, you may want to make it longer than 45 seconds so people have time to read something that catches their attention and keeps them listening.

If you’re marketing your video to mobile phone users who are watching it during an important part of their day, such as in traffic or while waiting for another business meeting or event, what they watch in those first few moments can make all the difference later on when they’re tempted to bookmark your site or share it with friends.

Discover Music

Music is an excellent tool for communication because it elicits emotions in the audience. Indeed, using music in videos has been shown to improve performance and results while lowering marketing costs. However, before deciding which tracks to use, make sure you understand all of the copyright laws and royalty-free music sources. Fortunately, InVideo’s user-friendly design includes customizable backgrounds as well as a large collection of royalty-free audio tracks and sound effects, allowing you to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

To Avoid Repetition, Use Jump Cuts 

Jump cuts mimic the human brain’s ability to jump from one thought to another by allowing the viewer’s mind to quickly transition between a string of ideas. Jump cuts can also help you stay on topic if you speak and see your point concisely and effectively throughout a long video.

You can use a video maker to eliminate repetition, short pauses in speech, or awkward silences that make viewers feel as if they are being left hanging; this works well to break up the monotony and keep viewers captivated throughout your presentation.

Subtitles Should be Added.

Chances are some of your audience will watch your videos without sound. As a result, there’s a good chance that users won’t understand your video as well on this platform. When watching without sound, captioning or subtitles can help fill in the gaps and ensure that viewers aren’t missing anything important.

You’ll help increase user watch time as it will lower their chances of skipping over a video because they don’t have enough context. Subtitles or captioning can also be used to overcome language barriers, allowing you to reach out to more potential customers!

Include Eye-Catching Visuals

How do you engage an audience when all you have is a talking head on the screen? One method is to include realistic, convincing, and unique visuals. Another option is to add some life to the video by incorporating background music that creates a mood that corresponds to your message.

Make your video more than just one person talking to the camera for two minutes. Background music can energize your voice, allowing you to project excitement about whatever you’re trying to persuade people about!


Video production is always more difficult than you might think. There is always a reluctance to try new things because they appear to be a lot of work, and a missed step here or there can make the outcome less than stellar.

If you are not using an easy-to-use and efficient video editing program, this process can easily consume hours upon hours of work!