Do you have an Apple fitness app on your iPhone? Would you like to learn how to change apple fitness goals on iphone? This guide is for you.

Starting with iOS 16, iPhone users who don’t have an Apple Watch can also use the Fitness app, which records their activities during the day. In the case of the smartphone, however, this is restricted to the “Movement” circle (since the smartphone would need other sensors to feed the “Stand” and “Exercise” circles).

In addition, Apple has also started to allow users who use an Apple Watch to track their physical activities to change their goals directly from the iPhone.

See how to do that below! πŸ˜‰

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How to change Apple fitness goals on iPhone

Open the Fitness app and tap the β€œSummary” tab.Then tap on your photo (in the upper left corner) and go to β€œChange Goals”.How to change Apple fitness goals on iPhone

Finally, make the desired changes to the Movement (iPhone and Apple Watch), Exercise, and Stand (the latter two, Apple Watch only) circles.How to change Apple fitness goals on iPhone

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