We recently showed you here at Weburic how you can easily find and delete duplicate photos on an iPhone running the latest iOS 16.

Well, know that, if you want, you can also duplicate photos and videos manually in iOS 16—which ends up being ideal for those who want to keep two copies of the same file, one original and another with edits, for example.

How to Duplicate a Photo or Video on iOS 16

Here’s how to go about duplicating your photos or videos on the  iOS 16 devices:

First, open the Photos app ( Photos ) and select an image or video that you want to duplicate. Then, tap the button with three dots (in the upper right corner), next to “Edit”.

Finally, select the “Duplicate” option. This will save a copy of the media in your photo library.

Remember that, as it is a copy of the photo or video, when you delete it, the original remains in your library. That is, if you want, you will have to delete both (either manually or using the new feature in iOS 16).