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How to install Dynamic Island on Android

The new feature present on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the Dynamic Island, can now also be used on Android devices. Do you doubt it? No worries! Come and learn how to install Dynamic Island on Android phones.

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The iPhone 14 line arrived a few days ago and brought some good news for Apple lovers. Among them is the Dynamic Island, which is included exclusively in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. However, in addition to the new top of the line from Apple, Android devices can also have this feature just by downloading an application. Check it out!

Dynamic Island is on Android too!

The Dynamic Island works as an expansion of the new notch included in the Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone 14. It is triggered when some notification or background action happens. So the developer Jawomo created an application to simulate the Dynamic Island on devices with the Android operating system. This app is called dynamicSpot and it already has over 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.

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Until then, you can check out the app for free, and it lets you adjust the position and size of the Island based on where the detail at the top is on your Android device. However, adding some of the more advanced functions, like showing the Island on the lock screen or tapping icons to open apps, requires an additional purchase of $4.99, which is around R$26 in direct conversion.

Evolving app

But just like any other early access or newly released app, things can be a little confusing or buggy. And since this isn’t a native feature of the Android system, a certain amount of refinement is required to get things working properly.

At the moment, the dynamicSpot app looks mostly like an aesthetic addition, lacking much of the advanced functionality and polish of the Apple-conceived version. On the other hand, the paid version of the app includes options to change the way ringtones interact with your notifications, a feature that is not available on iPhones 14.

DynamicSpot is definitely a work in progress, but it’s still impressive for a standalone app, and it’s an interesting way to change the way your notifications are delivered to your Android device.

How to install Dynamic Island on Android

It is very easy and fast to get Dynamic Island on your Android. Check out the following steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and search for ” dynamicSpot “, or access the link provided here — note that the app is accompanied by a note saying that it is an early access, that is, there may be some errors when using the app . Now select ” Download“.
  2. Once the download is complete, click ” Open.” Now, with the application open, select the first option, “Notifications”. You will be able to select which apps you want dynamicSpot to display on the Dynamic Island—if the button is to the right, that app will send notifications on the Island; if it is to the left, it will not.
  3. After that, a screen will appear informing you that dynamicSpot uses some accessibility features to work, so allow access.
  4. A screen will now be displayed containing more information about the initial settings, such as the applications that have been selected to appear on the Island, granting access to the device’s notification settings and also authorizing them to appear on the screen. There’s still a reminder that the app doesn’t do any kind of information collection since it doesn’t access the internet to work. Click the blue button, ” Done!”, to finish.

The app’s main screen — the same one we saw on the way to the second step of our tutorial — has even more resources available, namely:

  • Notifications: for you to select which applications will appear on the Island and make adjustments to settings.
  • Popup setting: adjustments to popup notifications, such as island placement and size.
  • Rating: for you to rate the app, even in the testing period.
  • Help: possible answers to questions.
  • Pro: Switch to the premium version of the app, which offers even more tools to the user.

That’s it on how to install Dynamic Island on Android? And you, what did you think of the news? Are you going to try it on your device too? Tell us in the comment section and share the post!