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Twitter Spaces | How to make audio clips

Today, I am going to show you how to make audio clips on Twitter Spaces.

During a conversation on Twitter Spaces, you can make audio clips and post them as a tweet. The platform now features a new clipping tool that allows you to record the last 30 seconds of the chat room, even if you are not the person who manages that space.

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Any audio clip made in Spaces expires after 30 days. Also, if the host decides to delete the recording from the room, the respective clippings are also removed from the social network. See how to use this function below.

How to make audio clips on Twitter Spaces

  1. If you are the Space host, it is necessary to activate the “Save Space” option before creating your chat room.
  2. Then open the Spaces panel and tap the scissors icon. You can find this function in the mobile app and in the web version.
  3. Twitter will record and clip the last 30 seconds of chat in the room. Afterwards, a tweet creation box will appear, with the link to the Space and the file with the audio clip. Write your caption and publish it.
How to make audio clips on Twitter Spaces

Find out how to make audio clippings on Twitter Spaces

In some languages, the audio clip may be accompanied by a speech transcript. When you post the snippet, anyone can listen to it, even without joining the chat room. It is also possible to publish the audio only to your Twitter Reels.

It is important to note that this feature does not allow you to edit or change the duration of the cut. The last 30 seconds are automatically recorded and separated, but no changes can be made to the file.

How to Turn Off Audio Cuts in Twitter Spaces

If you’re the Space host, you can turn off audio cuts at any time during the conversation. This decision prevents people from creating new snippets and removes existing ones.

To do this, open the Space panel and tap the three dots icon to access the settings. Then, disable the “Allow Cuts” option.

That’s how to make audio clips or disable audio cuts on Twitter Spaces. What do you think?