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How To Make Music Longer On Instagram Story

Sometimes just fifteen seconds isn’t enough to promote your favorite Instagram music. So it’s important to know how to make music longer on Instagram Story for both photos and videos. For still images, the app sets a time limit of 15 seconds, but there’s a trick. You can duplicate the image and make two posts with the same content. Then just sync the song snippet.

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By default, Instagram allows you to add up to 15 seconds of music per static Story, with the option to reduce this count. For videos, this process is even simpler. As Instagram allows Stories of up to 60 seconds with a video file, the app automatically makes the song the same length. Check out the step-by-step for each situation.

Part 1: How to make music longer on Instagram Story with photo

First, you will need to create a copy of the photo you want to post. It is possible to take a screenshot of the photo or throw the image in an editor, make a slight adjustment, and save it as a copy. Then, follow these steps:

1: Open the Stories creation screen and select the two photos.

2: You will see that Instagram splits into two different Stories, displayed in the bottom bar. Tap the first thumbnail and select the stickers icon.

3: Choose the option to add music.

4: Then select your song and cut out a fifteen second snippet. Tip: Press and hold the selection bar to check the timing of the song.

5: Now, tap on the second Story thumbnail and repeat the process.

6: Select the song of your choice and place the marker right after the previous Story snippet.

7: Confirm if everything is okay and post it to your profile.

Part 2: How to make music longer on Instagram Story with video

If your video is up to 60 seconds long, Instagram makes this adjustment automatically. When a song is selected, the network displays a button next to the meter with the number of seconds, accompanied by the message “The song matches the length of your video”.

For videos longer than 60 seconds, Instagram may split the edit into two parts. In this case, just repeat the process with the images: time each section and continue the song in the second publication.