One of the most impressive innovations presented by Apple with iOS 16 was the possibility of being able to remove the background of any image or separate the object from the background of the image, so that it is isolated.

More than that, it is even possible to add this image with the background removed in other system applications, such as Notes, Mail, Messages, and Pages, for example.

Keep on reading; we’ll show you how you can do it with your iPhone! 😁

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According to Apple, this feature is available to users of iPhones XS, XS Max, XR and later — that is, those equipped with the A12 Bionic processor or newer.

How to remove a photo background using the Photos app

If you have a photo saved in your gallery and you want to remove its background, open the Photos app ( Photos ) and select it. Then hold your finger over the person or object you want to isolate.

When this is done and iOS identifies this separation, you will notice that a “glow” will appear around the image. Then tap on “Copy.” Then open the other app where you want to paste it (like in Notes). Then tap on the screen and select “Paste” from the contextual menu.How to remove background of any image in iOS 16

In addition to using copy and paste, there is also an even easier way to move the copied images and paste them wherever you want. To do this, just hold it with one finger while opening the other application with the other finger. Once that’s done, drop it in the text field of the note or the page document, for example.

In addition to the Photos app, we see that this procedure also works when taking a screenshot and in the Files app.

How to remove the background of a photo in Safari

If you’re browsing in Safari and see a photo that you want to remove the background from, you can do so right away without having to save it to your photo library.

To do this, press and hold your finger over the desired image and select “Copy Object“. Then open the other app and select “Paste,” so that the image without the background appears.How to remove background of any image in iOS 16

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