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How To See Spotify Wrapped 2022 - Check the List of Top Songs

Music is something we all can relate to, we may have different tastes, but we all have a common interest; Music! And let’s be honest, Spotify is one of the top music streaming services worldwide. Maybe this is why it keeps coming up with premium content to keep its users engaged. 

One of these exceptional content/features is Spotify Wrapped. It is like a slideshow of the songs and artists you’ve listened to the most this year. Spotify wrapped 2022 will be the slideshow of your top 2022 songs and artists. 

Let’s dive in and find out how to check Spotify wrapped this year.

What Makes Spotify So Fascinating and Unique? 

Spotify is very much appealing to youngsters and music lovers, and this is because of the targeted and innovative algorithm of Spotify, which targets users based on their taste and their type. Because of this excellent algorithm strategy, Spotify is the world’s most-used music streaming service. 

Moving on to our main objective, Spotify Wrapped, let’s look at and comprehend it all. 

What is Spotify Wrapped?  

2022 wrapped banner

Spotify wrapped is like a summary of our listening habits throughout the year, including top tracks, artists, and podcasts consumed throughout the year. Spotify Wrapped is that summary of the slideshow that is presented to you with all the details of your top songs and artists.  

People often wait for a year to get their Spotify wrapped and see their top artists, Charlie, Harry, or Ariana. The best part about it is that you can even share your Spotify-wrapped stories on your social media stories and brag about your music taste. Quite fun, isn’t it? So without another second, learn how to find your Spotify wrapped 2022. 

How to Check Your Spotify Wrapped Playlist?

The Spotify Wrapped playlist arrives at the end of the year, i.e., in December. Hence, it is already available on your Spotify app. Here’s how you can find it- 

Launch your Spotify app, and right on the homepage of your app, you will see an option saying, ‘See Your 2022 Wrapped’. 

  • If you are somehow unable to get your wrapped stories, then you can link here- https://www.spotify.com/us/wrapped/ 
  • On your wrapped stories, you will get to know all about your top songs, artists, and podcasts. 
  • On each slide of your wrapped stories, there will be an option to share them. You can share that slide on your Instagram/Facebook stories by clicking on it. 

To access more Wrapped Features, Spotify users can directly search “Wrapped” in the Spotify App and select the genre. This shows the additional Wrapped hub features. 

However, if you are wondering if you can view your Spotify Wrapped 2022 stories on a desktop, then I must tell you that we cannot see Spotify Wrapped on the desktop. We can see only the “Wrapped cards” and other shareable screenshots on mobile devices. But playlists that Spotify Curated as part of the Wrapped event are available on all devices, whether desktop or mobile. 

Well, that’s not all about Spotify Wrapped 2022; this time, it has come up with a huge surprise; well, not surprising, but surprises, that’s right, plural. Let’s unwrap. 

Surprise 1- With your top artists and songs this year, you will also get a personality based on your listening patterns, like ‘Early Adopter’ or ‘Nomad’. 

Surprise 2- This one’s huge. This year you will also receive a secret and personal message from your top Spotify artists. Imagine getting a video message from Dua Lipa; I’m already excited, aren’t you? 

Let’s now look at Spotify this year’s top artists, songs, and podcasts. 

Spotify Most Streamed Artist and Songs 2022

This year’s most streamed artist on Spotify is Bad Bunny, followed by Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Drake. Let’s find out the most streamed songs of the year on Spotify.  

Most streamed songs on Spotify 2022

  • “As It Was”- by Harry Styles
  • “Heat Waves”- by Glass Animals
  • “Stay (with Justin Beiber)- by The Kid LAROI 
  • “Me Porto Bonito”- by Bad Bunny 
  • “Titi Me Pregunto”- by Bad Bunny 

Most streamed podcasts on Spotify 2022

  • The Joe Rogan Experience 
  • Call Her Daddy
  • Anything Goes With Emma Chamberlain 
  • Case 63
  • Crime Junkie 


Here are some frequently asked questions about Spotify wrapped 2022:

Ans: There is no direct way to see stats through the Spotify app. Still, we can use third-party services to access stats like top tracks, artists, top Genres, and recently played songs from our Spotify playlists.

Ans: No, we cannot access Spotify wrapped all year. We can see Spotify covered at the end of the year in December. However, we can stream into the old Spotify Wrapped playlist just by searching for it through the search bar.

Ans: Spotify Wrapped starts at the end of each year. So by December, you must be able to find your wrapped playlist on your app.