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How To Split the Screen in Windows 10- Updated Guide

If you’re currently using Windows 10, then you should know that you can split your screen and have multiple apps open at one time. Windows 10 offers many amazing features which can help you in maximizing productivity & its multitasking features will surely help you.

While Microsoft is always updating its operating system by improving from its previous versions and adding more features in the next one, Windows 10 took it to the next level by offering Windows split screen.

By splitting your screen, you can keep more than one tab open and be more productive. Having multiple tabs open at the same time gives you a better working environment, & the best part is that you can learn how to split screen on Windows 10 in a matter of minutes.

split screen windows

If you want to learn how to do split screen on Windows 10, there is more than one method for you. Below we have explained the process step by step; you can either do the keyboard shortcut or use Snap Assist.

What is Snap Assist?

Snap Assist is a feature by Microsoft Windows which allows users to customize their display screens and have more than one tab working on the display.

Snap Assist is a feature that opens up multiple possibilities, you had to close one tab to access another, but now it is possible to have up to four tabs working at the same time.

After learning how to split screen Windows 10 you can have a tab for working, researching, communicating with your team, and also for watching Youtube at the same time. 

While it was always possible to split screens, a lot of Windows users were unaware of it, but now more and more people are splitting their computer screens and having more productive days than before.

Though there is more than one method, Snap Assist is the official feature that makes it possible to split screen.

How Do You Split the Screen on Windows 10?

When it comes to learning how to split screen, Laptops and computer users can follow the same method.

There are two methods on how to split screen on Windows 10 and below, we have mentioned all of them, make sure to try each method and see which one suits you the best.

Use Snap Assist to Split Screen Windows 10

Snap Assist is by far the best tool for multitasking, & the best part of it is that you can access it easily and customize multiple tabs on your screen.

Here’s how to use Snap Assist to split screen on Windows 10:

  1. Have more than one Window Open.
  2. Choose a Window
  3. Click on the Window & Drag it to the Edge.
  4. This will snap your Screen into Two Parts.
  1. Now any other Windows or Applications which are running will appear on the Other Side of the Screen.
  1. Now Click on the Window which you want to use. 
    click on the Window which you want to use

After the 6th step, you would have split your computer screen.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Split Computer Screen

There are many keyboard shortcuts and you can always find new ones. A quick press of the key on the keyboard allows you to split your Computer screens into two parts. The process is given below:

  1. Have Multiple Windows Active.
  1. Open a Window in Full-Screen Mode.
  1. Press the Window Key and Any Arrow key at the same time.
    Windows 10 split screen top and bottom
  1. This will Shift the Window to the side you want.
  1. Pressing the Left Key will shift the window to left, Right to Right and the same goes for the up and down key.
  1. Now click on the Window you want on the Other Side of the Split Screen.

That’s all you needed to know on how to split screen on Windows 10.

How to Split More than Two Screens in Windows 10?

You can take Windows split screen to the next level. Splitting more than two screens is as easy as splitting a screen into two parts.

You can further divide the screen into three or four parts by further dragging more windows onto the screen and placing them. If you have already divided the screen into two parts then it will automatically position itself to add more Windows.

As of now, you can have up to four windows open at the same time. Just click on them and drag them onto the area where you want them. 

You can also divide your screen into more than two parts through keyboard shortcuts. Pressing the Windows key and any other arrow key will split the screen and you can keep doing that till there are four Windows on your screen.

How to Turn Off Windows Split Screen?

If you are done with Split Screen Windows then you can easily turn off Snap Assist through a quick change in settings.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings
  1. Select Multitasking
  1. Click on the Snap Windows option to turn Snap Assist Off
    disable snap Window

This will turn off snap assist and will disable any split computer screen. If you just want to have one Window on your whole screen then you don’t need to turn off Snap Assist as you can just drag the Window to the center of the screen and it will maximize.

Split Screen in Windows 11

Microsoft improved its multitasking features with Windows 11 and upgraded how Snap Assist works. If you compare multitasking features across Windows 10 & 11, you’ll find that Windows 11 does it better than its predecessor.

While Windows 11 can easily do what Windows 10 does, it also makes it easier to split computer screens.

You can use an easier method to split your computer screen in Windows 11 by just moving your mouse to the Windows icon and then clicking on the multitasking template which suits you.

Here’s how to split your computer screen on Windows 11:

  1. Have more than one Window Open
  1. Move your cursor to the Windows Icon
  1. Click on a Multitasking Template
  1. Split Screen Windows
    split screen windows 11

With this Microsoft has made it easier to multitask on Windows 11.

Now that you know how to split screen on Windows 10 you should explore how this works and find the screen setting which is right for you.

If you were unaware of how to split screen on Windows 10, then now should explore how this can benefit you. Splitting the screen can save you time, and energy, and also be the tool you need for multitasking. 


Ans: Press the Windows key and any other arrow key at the same time, and it will split your screen into two parts.

Ans: The process of how to split the screen on a Windows Laptop is the same as the process for Computer users.

Ans: While there is no problem with it, some games might not allow the screen to be split.

Ans: Yes, Windows 11 is extremely efficient when it comes to splitting the screen. You can split your screen in Windows 11 by moving your mouse to the Windows icon and then clicking on a template that you like.

Ans: Yes, you can split computer screens in Windows 8, the process to split screen Windows is the same for Windows 8 users as well but it won’t be as advanced as Windows 10.

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