Do you want to learn how to turn off app search on iPhone running the latest iOS 16 system? This short guide is for you.

Starting with iOS 16 , Apple is making it easier to access Spotlight, the system’s universal search—which is also available on macOS.

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In addition to being able to swipe down from the center of the screen or use the on-screen search bar dedicated to widgets, you can now also simply tap the “Search” button located above the iPhone Dock.

However, if you don’t prefer this function to be triggered in this way, you can simply turn it off. To turn off the search on iOS 16, see how to proceed below!

How to turn off app search on iPhone home screen

On the iPhone, open Settings, tap “Home Screen“, and in the “Search” section, uncheck “Show on Home Screen“.how to turn off app search on iphone

That simple! From now on, you will no longer run the risk of accidentally triggering Spotlight while browsing the iPhone home screen. 😉