Macy’s is one of the biggest & most notable brands in the world. Despite only 90,000 employees in its network, the company was able to earn more than 25 billion dollars in 2019.

This is likely because of the Insite Employee Connection, which is an online portal designed by Macy’s for its employees. ensures better communication for employees at Macy’s and also stores their data which can be easily accessed.

If you are an employee at Macy’s, then it is crucial for you to know how to do the Insite EmployeeConnection net login. If you’re not aware of the process, then this article will be of great help to you. 

Below we have explained the whole Insite login process, going through which you’ll learn how to access the MacysEmployeeConnection portal.

What is 

Employee is the official online portal for employees working at Macy’s. A firm that earns billions of dollars each year must value its employees, & Macy’s ensures this through the Insite Employee Connection.

This portal stores and secures the personal information of its employees, which can later be easily accessed. This allows Macy’s to better manage their workforce and make sure that their resources are optimized.

Not just Macy, but the Insite Employee Connection portal benefits its users as well. Logging into the network, employees can access their work schedules, attendance records, & access employee benefits. 

Macy’s knows how to treat its employees, and that is likely the reason why it is so successful. Below we have mentioned all the benefits of the Insite Employee Connection net. After going through this, you’ll know the importance of

Benefits of Insite Employee Connection Portal

employee connection benefits

Here are the benefits that will be available to you after going through the Insite EmployeeConnection net login process:

  • Easier to get Company Updates

The Insite Employee Connection makes it easier for Macy’s to update its employees. With each member of the workforce connected on the same platform, the management can send out proper updates, and the employees will receive better information.

It takes a lot of work and effort to run a company like Macy’s, this portal ensures that each employee is well-informed about company updates and work information.  

  • Manageable Work Schedule

You can use Employee Connection Insite to manage your work schedule. This includes applying for a day off and planning your schedule.

  • Better communication

You can use this portal to communicate with your fellow employees. The portal makes it easier to communicate with your team.

  • Increased supervision & management

Having a portal like this allows Macy’s to manage their employees more efficiently and also ensures increased supervision for maximum efficiency.

  • Access to payslip records

Your payslips for each month will also be available on the Insite Employee Connection portal. The best thing about it is that you can download the payslip with just a click.

  • Employee benefits

You will also have better access to employee benefits like health insurance, and you can also earn extra benefits through the portal.

  • Attendance records

The Employee Connection portal will also keep an active record of your attendance, which you can access easily. 

  • Easy to make suggestions & file complaints

Employees under the Insite Employee Connection can make suggestions for their jobs and also file their complaints through the portal. This will also make it easier for Macy’s to know what their employees want and will allow them to handle it better.

Being an employee at Macy’s is full of benefits, & you can access all of them by doing the EmployeeConnection Net Insite Sign-In. 

Though it is easy to log into www employeeconnection net, there are still some requirements that need to be fulfilled. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sign up.

Requirements for EmployeeConnection Net Insite Sign-In

Here we have mentioned the requirements needed to go through the EmployeeConnection net Insite sign-in process. When going through the process, make sure these have been met.

site requirements for employeeconnection net login

These are crucial for the EmployeeConnection Net Insite Sign In process.

Now that you know about the requirements, we can tell you how to do the EmployeeConnection Net login.

How to do the EmployeeConnection Net Login?

Follow the process step by step to access the Insite Employee Connection:

  1. Go to
  1. Click on My In-Site
insite employee connection
  1. Select Sign In
employee connection net insite sign in
  1. Insert your Employee No/ Email/ Network ID
insert your employee no email network id
  1. Fill in your Password
insert your password
  1. Click on Log In
employeeconnection net login

After this, you’ll be free to explore In-Site Employee Connection.

How to Change/Reset InSite Employee Connection Password?

If you have lost your Employee Connection password or want to change it, then you can follow the process given below, and you’ll be able to set a new password.

  1. Go to
employeeconnections net login

Alt tag: insite

  1. Click on My In-Site
insite employee connections
  1. Click on Sign In
employeeconnection net insite sign in

Alt tag: employeeconnection net insite sign in

  1. Now select the Forgot/Unlock/Change Password Option
click on forgot unlock change password
  1. Insert your Employee ID at the Password Manager

employeeconnection employee id
  1. Fill in the Pin that was given to you while joining Macy’s

employee connection net pin
  1. Enter the Number Shown on the Screen
enter the number shown on the screens
  1. Click Next

click next
  1. Now follow the instructions from the screen

After the 8th & 9th step, you can set a new password for your Employee Connection account. This time create a note and write your password there as well to make sure that you won’t forget it later on.

Macy’s HelpDesk Contact Info.

There may be some technical problems while going through the EmployeeConnection Net insite sign in process. If this happens to you, then you should contact Macy’s helpdesk, as this will surely help you access the portal.

Macy’s Contact Info.

Official Website: 
Customer Assistance: 1.800.234.6229
Official Helpdesk: 678.474.2300 or 513-782-1499
Email Address:


If you are here, then you already know everything you need about the Insite Employee Connection net login process. Make sure to go through the important parts again and remember the steps as they are given. 

If you encounter any problems in the employeeconnection net Insite sign in process, then feel free to contact the authorities at Macy’s or read this article again.

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Ans: After completing the employeeconnection net login process, click on the My Schedule option, and then you will be able to access your schedule. 

    Ans:Yes, you can log in to the Insite Employee Connection portal even as a formal employee and access your previous schedules. 

    Ans:Yes, each Macy’s employee gets a discount on Macy’s products, & you can get even more discount offers from the Employee Connection portal.

    Ans:Yes, InSite Employee Connection allows its users to communicate with each other and send messages.

    Yes, the www employee connection net is a secure site. Since all employee data is stored on the Insite portal, Macy’s made sure that the platform is extra secure, so that employee data stays safe.