A desire to enrich the medical world with new biomarkers and transform technology with empowering products brought investment of $100M, C-funding series led by Casdin Capital and Johnson and Johnson.

Paige has embellished the oncologist and pathologist world of science through its evolving applications and predictive tests. 

Paige being an end-to-end secure solution provides applaudable tissue-based AI applications, image review with FullFocus, and balancing apt cloud storage with scanners to withstand the current DigiTech needs in the medical science era.

Let’s dig more into the computational Paige $100M C-series Casdin Capital and find its growth vision scriptures.

Specifications of Paige 

The Specifications of Paige- a digital leader in global diagnostics, have been provided here with their work engine details from investors to various investments.

Company NamePaige
Launch DateFeb 2018
Headquarters LocationNew York, United States
FoundersDavid Klimstra, Norman Selby, Peter Schuffler, Thomas Fuchs
Legal NamePaige.AI, Inc
Company TypeProfit based
Total Funding Amount$220M

Anticipated Headstart Through C-Funding

Being little long in the tooth of clinical and pharma solutions, Paige attracted a huge $100M C-series Casdin Capital to enlarge its employee structure, required medical products, and essential marketing.

Detection of suspicious tissues with its capable tissue-based AI has summed a total fund of $220M. Paige is currently looking for raising its employee scale, and biomarkers through the investment that it is harnessing from its effort, trust, and technology. 

Paige’s co-founder shares, “Paige represents the future of computational pathology and we believe in empowering pathologists with additional insights from rich images so they can make a more effective confident diagnosis”.

Paige Enhanced Service in Medical World

Paige empowers its patients through its AI-led data, and precision medicine simultaneously combining its leading tech AI to derive insights from images of routine hematoxylin and eosin(H&E) stained tissue.

It is also discovering new predictive and prognostic biomarkers from novel treatments to match patients’ clinical trials and therapies.

With growing partnerships with hospitals and academic centers, it has managed to hold more than $375M in therapies. With more than 6 investors Paige wants to transform the traditional derived diagnostic world with its own AI-based, new-era revised treatment with incredible power.

Get to Know Paige Investors


Paige has managed to attract 7 investors with a total hefty amount of $220M in investment globally. Have a look at its investors enlisted below.

  • Breyer Capital
  • Casdin Capital, life science investments
  • Goldman Sachs
  • HCVP, healthcare venture partners
  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation(JJDC)
  • KKR, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

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Unique Vision, Ideas Through Paige Mantras

Paige has surpassed the normal growth trajectory and gathered huge customers, investors, and onlookers due to its exceptional ideas, mantras, and vision. It includes:

  • Exemplary Attitude 

Paige has an exemplary attitude towards the AI-led solution to bring the future of computational pathology with insights that are precisely sufficient to deliver novel solutions.

  • Outshining AI Software
Paige AI software

Paige outshines other artificial intelligence pharma companies due to the determined vision of its esteemed leadership represented by experts in pathology, machine learning, and healthcare.

  • Commitment For Growth 

Pathologists can continue their patient treatment workflows with improved Paige software that has enhanced information on every slide. Through every means, Paige wants to empower and transform pathologists and oncology respectively thus transforming the old practice to adapt to a new serene AI-led medical future.

  • Paige is ADEPT

This AI-based healthcare diagnostic service is heading towards a mission to transfer cancer diagnostics with the A-accountability, D-disruptive, E-execution, P-patient-centric, and T-trusting virtues of its team.

  • Research Program to Transform Diagnosis

Paige will manage proficiency in diagnostic and treatment through its predictive biomarkers(through C-series funding) to transform the traditional insights of pathology technologies thus empowering patients with data.

  • Advanced Digital Slides
Advanced digital slides FDA approved-Paige

For primary diagnosis, Paige does useful case reviews through FDA Cleared, CE-IVD AI system.

With its internal clinical teams of pathologists and super specialty experts, FullFocus has acquired a slide image viewer for primary diagnosis for a sustainable collaborative experience.

  • Comprehensive Platform

Through Full Focus slide enhancement, and various cloud storage options, Paige does provide a secure connection to the lab’s slide scanner, and LIS hence an authentic comprehensive Paige platform experience is measured by its users.

Paige’s Customer Service

With digital slides, and powerful case reviewing capabilities, Paige has a standalone solution that integrates to facilitate diagnosis with utmost priority.

This dedicated pharma service has a reliable customer service route for all.

  • Paige Address 
Official Google Address of Paige

Address: 11 Time Square, FI 37

                New York, NY 10036

  • Supporting Email

Email detail:

  •  Paige’s Product-Related Queries Form
Paige inquiry contact form

Paige Inquiry Form Link:

Binding Thoughts

Paige strides towards digitally efficient medical diagnostics through right imaging and products. It is making the worthy move to help find various hidden answers to some unknown mysteries like cancer. A huge amount of investment with less than 300 employees inside its working cubicles showcases them as a brilliant team of experts heading towards the right mission.