PointClickCare CNA Login-Point of Care login CNA is the best online portal that provides you with a simple and easy way to login into your account. It is one of the best caregiving online software where you can get all details about your overall health status.

Let’s start reading this article and discover in depth what PointClickCare is, how to proceed with PointClickCare CNA Login, what are the essentials, benefits, and much more related to point of click care cna login. 

What is PointClickCare CNA?

PointClickCare Website

PointClickCare CNA is a web-based software that allows medical healthcare professionals to monitor and customize their treatment strategy and patients to keep a check on their regular health plans. It is a very easy app to use that is incorporated with POC EHR.

POC and EHR are acronyms used for point of care and Electronic Health respectively. All innovative and highly developing organizations opt to connect with POC. Moreover, more than 5000 technology partners are already associated with POC. 

The medical staff is able to serve their patient’s time and the patients can also see their timely fixed schedules, prescriptions, treatment plans, regular notifications about their health care, and much more.

The main features of PointClickCareCNA are:

  • A friendly user interface with no learning curve.
  • Customizable services and locations (from 1 to 1 million).
  • Unlimited number of bookable appointments per service/location combination.
  • Customizable pricing rules per service/location combination (for example, different prices for different days), or even per appointment booking!

Benefits of Doing PointClickCare CNA Login

Below describe are some significant benefits of PointClickCare CNA login page-POC CNA login:

Simple Process 

Point of Care CNA login is extremely straightforward. It has been designed from the ground up to be user-friendly and as simple as possible. Instead of any intricate process, you can register in just a few minutes after filling in all the required information.

No More Wastage Of Precious Time 

This method allows you to register yourself online without having to visit any office or clinic for registration purposes. This saves time and effort on your part as well as on the part of those who are operating this system.

Documentation Can Be Done On Real-Time 

Billing statements can be checked in real-time and it’s just a one-click away. With the provision of better care through a single portal, engagement with the patient improves.

Increased Effectiveness And Efficiency

Furthermore, it helps health professionals with better clinical care, staff scheduling, electronic health record, invoicing, and much more.

Decrement In Workload 

Medical health professionals can keep a systematic record of patient information, appointments, and their respective prescriptions. PointClickCare CNA Login helps erase a huge workload.

Doctors, nurses, and many other professionals can get a sigh of relief as they can easily note down all the updates related to their patients through the software. 

Essentials To Do PointClickCare CNA Login

The PointClickCare CNA Login requirements are as follows:

  • A computer, laptop, or smartphone with access to the internet
  • Internet browser
  • Official pointclickcare cna login address
  • Valid point click care login cna Username and password

PointClickCare CNA Login Step-By-Step Guide

  • Go to PointClickCare CNA official website using this URL: https://pointclickcare.com/.
  • Click on the “LogIn” button, which is located in the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your User ID and password and click on the “Login button” again.

How to Reset PointClickCare CNA Login Password?

If you are not able to remember your login password, you can always reset it. After all, you can access your login account only if you update your password again. Without recovering it, you can’t access the software’s services and benefits. Hence, recovering passwords becomes highly essential in order to proceed ahead. 

To change your PointClickCare CNA login password, you have to contact customer support at the official contact number which is 1.877.722.2431. Sooner or later, you will receive your new password. It’s suggested to note it down somewhere to not forget it in the future.  

Point of Care CNA Login Help Information

When you are trying to log in, chances are probably high that problems may occur during the process. Technical issues are the major because that has to be corrected, otherwise, you can’t sign in. 

In PointClickCare POC CNA, a very frequently witnessed concern is while doing PointClickCare CNA login. 

If you have any questions about Point of Care CNA login, this is the place to go.

This page provides information on how to contact support, how to use our knowledge base, and what to do if you are having trouble with PointClickCare. To seek aid, contact the appropriate authority from the website, https://pointclickcare.com/. You can also try contacting 1.877.722.2431. 

PointClickCare CNA login error

Contact Details of PointClickCare

Below are the registered head offices of PointClickCare in various countries. This crucial information might solve your problem if you are facing a problem related to Point of Care CNA login as soon as possible. The residents living in the respective countries might receive the benefits. Let’s go through every contact detail:  

  • Physical contacts of PointClickCare:
  1. Canada (Head Office)

    5570 Explorer Drive Mississauga Ontario L4W 0C4

  1. Canada, Toronto

    145 King St.W. Suite 1601 Toronto, ONM5H 1J8

  1. Canada, Waterloo

    611 Kumpf Drive Waterloo, ON N2V 1K8

  1. United States, Waterloo

    611 Kumpf Drive Waterloo, ON N2V 1K8

  1. United States, Salt Lake City

    3500 American Blvd. W. Suite 150 Bloomington, MN 55431



At PointClickCare- Point of Care CNA, we are developing technology solutions to enable the future of healthcare. We believe that we can increase the quality of care and improve cost efficiency within the rapidly emerging consumer-driven healthcare economy.

I hope you have gone through all the PointClickCare POC CNA login-related details thoroughly. You can try implementing these steps while you are trying to do PointClickCare CNA login. You will be benefitted surely because you won’t remain clueless regarding how to proceed further.


Ans: Poinclickcare occupies a wide database of patient therapy and extensive details related to treatment plans.

Ans: PointClcik care is located in Mississauga, Canada, and Mr. Dave Wessinger owns it.

Ans: The error won’t remove itself, it’s your responsibility to initiate the process. You have to report this error to the official contact number of PointClick Care which is 1.877.722.4231

Ans: You are requested to contact 1.877.722.2431, the official contact number of the PointClickCare POC CNA. You will get a new password.