WhatsApp users use emoticons in their messages on a daily basis. But do you know what they really mean? What does raising hands emoji mean?

In the new era of social networks, emojis appeared as a fun way to accompany text messages, a tool to better express feelings without being face to face. However, over the years emoticons evolved in number and complexity, to such an extent that they could be considered their own metalanguage.

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Emojis really do work like a science: According to a 2021 Adobe study , 67% of emoji users around the world think other people who use emojis are friendlier, funnier, and cooler than those who don’t. Furthermore, more than half of those people feel more comfortable expressing their feelings through emojis than having traditional conversations.

In the great universe of emojis, it is easy to make mistakes when communicating, even with emojis that do not seem to hide a particular meaning (each heart emoji, for example, has a different meaning depending on its color and decoration) . The language of emoticons becomes even more complicated when we depart from the traditional “smileys“, the original smiling faces that do not hide much meaning.

One of these latest releases is the palms up emoji: originally animated to show two hands raised in the air, as might be done in conjunction with the exclamation “banzai!” in Japan, his transition to emojis made him what we can see today on social networks; two palms raised in celebration.

Raising Hands emoji meaning- weburic

The different versions of the emoji of the palms up.

Raising Hands emoji is one of the most used emojis on WhatsApp

Raised Hands “, as it is called on the official Emojipedia site, was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Person raising both hands in celebration” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. After a few months, It could already be used on the most popular platforms ( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp ), as well as messaging on iOS and Android phones.

What does raising hands emoji mean🙌?

But what is the meaning of Raised Hands emoji? The web page dedicated to classifying emojis defines that their use expresses the celebration of an event, a congratulations to good news or a sign of relief. In everyday use, however, the two hands reaching towards the sky are also used by users with a religious tinge, as the gesture resembles the blessing gesture used by Catholic priests. The gesture can also be taken as a request to perform a double high five , as a way of celebrating a job well done.