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Which iPhone has the best battery life

I always see people ask this question: “which iPhone has the best battery life?” Today, we are going to highlight some of the best iPhones with the strongest battery life.

Apple hasn’t always had a good reputation for the battery life of its iPhones. However, in recent years, Apple smartphones have received considerable improvements in the area of battery life.

This way, buying a power bank to charge the iPhone a few times a day is no longer a latent concern for users.

But if you’re thinking about buying a new iPhone and you don’t want to take the risk of getting a smartphone that doesn’t last long, follow our guide in this article.

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We are going to choose the best iPhone to buy this year if you intend to spend many hours with your cell phone away from the socket.

How we selected the iPhones

Our list is intended to compare only those Apple models that are still worthwhile and trending. In addition, we filter for cost-effective devices with good features in each generation.

It is worth noting that this list will be updated frequently, aiming to add new releases or remove devices that were previously indicated but no longer make sense after a few years.

Since 2018, the battery has become an attractive feature when purchasing iPhones. This is due to hardware improvements made by Apple to the chipset, focusing on more effective power management.

The company also made optimizations to iOS with the purpose of influencing the usability of apps and how much they consume background data. In addition, Apple has increased the battery capacity to match Android devices.

Which iPhone has the best battery life in 2022?

iPhone 13 Pro Max

When it comes to quality and strong battery life, the Pro line is still the most interesting. Therefore, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best alternative that offers the best battery durability among Apple devices in this category.

Despite being almost on par with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the 2021 model has a more optimized chipset (A15 Bionic) to handle power management.

I say this because the A16 Bionic built into the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro Max has a new lithograph and has Always on Display mode to guarantee battery savings, but its 4,232 mAh puts it on the same scale of battery life as the iPhone 12 Pro Max .

With the reduction in the maximum battery capacity, the 4,352 mAh of the 13 Pro Max seems like a small difference, but in practice it makes sense to give it superiority in the category.

Among the Apple cell phones analyzed, it remains the best option in terms of power consumption for daily use, or even for specific tasks.

For those who play games, in addition to providing the 6.7-inch screen with the 120 Hz ProMotion feature, the device has good energy management in games. Therefore, it is pretty much possible to use it for almost 2 days before going on a recharge.

Best iPhone with a better battery life for everyday use

iPhone 13

Throughout the year, Apple announced a few models. This attitude of the company returns to the public as an advantage when choosing the ideal version for their taste. In 2021, however, the company announced the iPhone 13, which is the best iPhone with a better battery life for everyday use and provides better battery durability for those who want to enjoy a great battery throughout the day.

In its 3,240 mAh capacity, the device has a set of features that make it the ideal alternative for everyday use. Even though its successor is attractive too, it should be noted that Apple has not made significant updates to the hardware of its new “simpler” line.

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With this, the presence of the A15 Bionic chipset ensures that energy management will be effective. This way, it ensures that usage throughout the day is better and well optimized than what was obtained on its predecessor—the iPhone 12.

According to our analyst, the iPhone 13 has enough battery for two days of normal use. Obviously, this estimate is based on a user who accesses social media in a moderate way and casually plays games for a few hours.

A cheap iPhone with better battery life

iPhone 12

Apple does not have a good history of attractive prices here in Brazil. However, each generation has a “cheaper” version with interesting features, reaching the public that prefers compact models with good battery life.

Considering the battery specs, the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 would win over the iPhone 12. But in practical use, Apple shows that the A14 Bionic’s optimizations make sense on the iPhone 12.

Despite not being the most compact of its generation, the iPhone 12 is still considered by many users as the “best value for money” version of 2020. And this is due to the fact that it is the direct successor to the iPhone 11, another Apple model. with great battery life.

According to our tests, a normal user-who browses social networks, casually plays games, and watches some series in streaming can use the iPhone 12 for an estimated time of 8 hours on screen. The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 sit just below that.

According to the editor of Weburic, Benedict Onyeka, his iPhone 12 battery lasts almost two days away from the sockets when the usage is very basic. This only exploits popular day-to-day applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram , which are accessed over the WiFi connection.

When it comes to a more complete use, involving the camera and more screen time, the phone still lasts for a quiet day, with a 30% or 20% leftover charge at bedtime.

For this reason, the model launched in 2020 is Apple’s “cheapest” that makes the most sense with a focus on battery life. However, those who want to save a little and get the iPhone XR will not be disappointed with the features and will spend less than those who buy the iPhone 11, which has energy performance similar to the XR.