Your iPhone’s battery got low and you plugged it to charge, but then you noticed that the charger started to get hot, and you thought: “Why does my iPhone charger get hot when charging?” In fact, this is a common issue that we witness regularly.

Take a look at the article below and see what can cause this heat. Oh, you will also find out the best time to charge your iPhone or any other smartphone to avoid the charger getting too hot.

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Why does my iPhone charger get hot when charging?

Think about this: whenever you plug-in your iPhone or Android phone to charge, the charger usually takes a little energy from the socket to your smartphone battery, right? It turns out that outlets have between 110 and 220 volts, while smartphone chargers have 5 volts.

It’s a pretty big difference, right? And that’s why the charger gets hot, but it’s nothing to worry about! The original chargers are fully armed and prepared to withstand this heat. iPhone chargers ( same with Android phone chargers) come with internal heatsinks that reduce excessive heat.

Just to be clear! It’s normal for an iPhone charger to get hot, but it shouldn’t be excessively hot. If you touch the charger and find out that you can’t hold it in your hand, it’s because you have a problem with the dissipation. In this case, it’s important you buy a new charger so you don’t have problems with your iPhone battery.

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